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MariannaCNMstudent has 2 years experience as a ADN, BSN and specializes in RN, mental health.

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  1. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Thank you! I remember that theory from school. But as one of my preceptors told me the other day, the hospital does not care, and I have to learn in the time I am given. Many years ago it took me 2 years to reach the point when I started feeling conf...
  2. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Thank you so much, Kooky, for the support, kind words and some grammar notes ))). There is no way to edit the initial post. Float nurses may have 2 assignments in an 8 hours shift. So, charting should be actually done by 10:30. I managed to do that ...
  3. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    It is not like 3 weeks, officially it is 8. However, I don't think 8 weeks is OK training time for 8 units to float for somebody with zero experience. I believe the whole strategy is bad. They had to put me on meg/surge for 4 weeks and 12 hours shift...
  4. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Officially 8 weeks now for a float pool days without nursing experience.
  5. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Thank you. No, I am still there. I guess they are figuring out where to send me. All units are constantly short, float pool is severely short. They higher new grads and inexperienced nurses like me and cutting down training at the same time. Thi...
  6. New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Hey fellow nurses, I started my first hospital job a month ago as a resource pool nurse. I graduated a year and a half ago and went to work outpatient as a mental health nurse. So, whatever skills I had after hospital clinical rotations, they ha...
  7. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    I found it and started listening. It's amazing! Thank you so so much!
  8. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    Thank you, Jenny. I have no reservations about the career path because I was I midwife in another country. I know it all, good and bad. And thank you for the podcast suggestion, I will listen, it looks really interesting.
  9. Cincinnati midwifery program

    Hey there! How is it going with clinical placement? How did you go about it? I already started thinking about the process and I wonder about practical steps. Did you email places, go visit, called and asked? Did you find anything?
  10. Nurse midwifery program with low GPA?

    I don't like Frontier for the lack of communication from their side. I had a lot of questions they never answered and they seem to like being very competitive that I believe not a good thing in midwifery education. Cincinnati Uni also has a way aroun...
  11. CNM with no L&D experience

    And yes, I was admitted without such an experience. I decided against it for the reasons I wrote above. I start the program this August.
  12. CNM with no L&D experience

    You know, your question is more difficult as it seems. The most practiced approach to birth in hospitals is the opposite of how midwives view and manage it. Practicing as a L&D nurse may be a valuable and may be a harmful experience. In a hospita...
  13. Older New RN

    I personally know an RN with associate degree that got into Frontier with portfolio. She had relevant RN experience for her specialty, about 1 or 2 years and relevant BS but not nursing.
  14. RN, new CNM student

    Thank you for good wishes. All midwifery programs have a threshold of 3.0 GPA. They are not taking people with lower GPA. But they discuss with those how to raise GPA to be eligible to apply. So people at least know what to do. Again, most programs ...
  15. RN, new CNM student

    It is not my intention to avoid problematic deliveries. Rather the opposite, I want to provide full care to underserved and vulnerable populations. My "else" is years of experience as a hospital midwife outside the US.