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  1. Has anyone from 6NE/6NW (surgical cardio/transplant SDU) already been emailed the reference survey email?
  2. @csuf123 during the connectivity test he said you have 72 hours from receiving the email to complete it.
  3. This morning I had a 3-panel interview for 6NE / 6NW. It lasted 26 minutes & IDK how many questions I got asked but it was a mix of clinical/situational & behavioral questions. I was too shy to ask them when we would hear back by but based on...
  4. @csuf123 hey there! I actually didn’t go through the interview process. I just read old threads. I’m pretty sure it’s nurse managers, directors, etc.
  5. UCI Clinical Nurse 1 2021

    @AlohaRN Thank you SO MUCH for that info! ?
  6. @KeviK I believe there was only one PCU option available to pick from on the application but I could be remembering wrong! For my first choice, I selected the PCU option that included both 6NE & 6NW.
  7. Thank you! I hope you hear back! My 1st choice was PCU & my 2nd choice was tele. I have an interview for my 1st choice!
  8. I received my official interview date/time/unit 2 hours ago. Check your email!
  9. I haven't received the email confirming which department & the exact interview date. However, when I log in & go to "My Jobpage/My Submissions" & click "View Email Messages" I see two items, one item is the automated message you receive w...
  10. UCI Clinical Nurse 1 2021

    HI! ? Does anyone have any interview tips for MICU or UCI in general? I applied 05/27/21 so I was surprised when they called me months later on 08/13/21 regarding an interview for 08/19/21. How many people do they usually accept for the cohort or per...
  11. Hello! ? I heard back last week but won’t know which department I’ll be interviewing with yet until the beginning of this week. My 1st choice was: “6NE - PCU - Surgical Stepdown/Transplant - Cardiac and 6NW - PCU - Surgical Stepdown/Transplant - Live...
  12. Thank you! I'm actually an external applicant. However, from what I've heard in the past, most people who get into their nurse residency program are either internal or have a referral from an internal employee. There's still time to get contacted. I'...
  13. This morning I received 2 emails stating I was selected for the next round of the interview process & there were also instructions for the connectivity test which ensures our webcam/microphone/etc. are working properly for the interview.
  14. Hello there! I applied to Surgical Stepdown/Transplant & Telemetry. They don't take too long (although it sure feels like it) to reach out to applicants to schedule interviews. The interviews will be on September 1st & 2nd so I'm guessing the...
  15. What are the best organizations for nurses who want to volunteer in third-world countries besides the American Red Cross & Doctors W/O Borders? I see some on Google of course but I would like to hear of some from people who have actually worked w...