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peblevins has 29 years experience and specializes in Community Mental Health.

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  1. Raising Awareness of Nurse Suicide | Life of a Nurse

    LaZarca, This must have been very difficult for you to share. It means a lot. Yes you are invaluable! You are so right in saying that these issues should have been addressed decades ago. Many years ago, I worked on the floor with a nurse wh...
  2. Recently I was looking for information on the effects of the pandemic on those with mental health disorders. MULTIPLE articles referred to a mental health crisis among nurses leading to an increase in suicides. A short time later, I learned of the su...
  3. Nursing Judgement vs Physician Orders

    Kudos to you for doing what you knew was right as the doctor chose to believe a different story. A lot can change in 24 hours! In that setting, with your thorough charting, no one would have faulted you. And as a pulse of 90%=P02 of 60%, there wasn't...
  4. Nursing Judgement vs Physician Orders

    I've learned that working in community/home health involves greater chance of using nursing judgement. There's situations that would make nursing judgement safer in a particular instance. Time of day of decision is a factor as doctor's offices are us...
  5. In spite of the gravity of the pandemic, the unvaccinated continue to hold a strong conviction that it is not the right decision for them. As of May 2021, 37% of the US had not received one vaccine despite it being available and accessible1. For them...
  6. 6 Tips for Success for New Nurse Graduates

    I agree with all of these tips. When doing clinicals in nursing school, I witnessed the "nurses eat their young" adage. Then I was lucky enough to have clinicals at a small community hospital that was app. 45 minutes from where I lived. The nurses th...
  7. Inpatient Nurses Answered the Call

    As I watched the spread of COVID-19 across Asia and Europe in late 2019, I recall a sense of shock and disbelief but held on to a sense of hope that the effects on the U.S would somehow be less severe. I recalled the twenty-three years that I worke...