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  1. Oneday82

    Questions! Help please!

    Thank you so much! That made me feel a lot better. I did go ahead and self refer. I have an intake appt today. My license was renewed active with my positive responses last October. I haven’t heard anything from the board yet, but someone I talked to at the monitoring program said they are behind. I was thinking the same that it’s prob better to go ahead and get started for when they do get around to me if that’s the case. Plus I did look a little for nursing jobs and haven’t had any luck while being in drug court. Honestly my drug court program is probably more extensive than the monitoring program, since I get tested 1-3 xs a week at random, but I think an employer would feel more comfortable if they have the monitoring program to speak with, and they know for sure that I’ve made the board aware of my issues. I hope once I get my agreement I’ll be able to find a nursing job. I was starting to think I may have to wait to finish drug court which probably won’t be until at least December, but it would be great if I could find something once I start monitoring. What type of nursing did you find a job in? And you did start working while your charges still showed pending?
  2. Oneday82

    ISNAP/IPRP intake

    On the intake forms it asks for information on the last three employers..do they contact your previous employers?
  3. Oneday82

    Questions! Help please!

    Yes I reported the charges and drug court when I renewed after my license had been expired for the year. I’m thinking maybe I should just self refer to ISNAP/IPRP just in case anyways. I’m in Indiana.
  4. Oneday82

    Questions! Help please!

    I’m wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences and could give some insight. My son passed away in 2019. I let my license expire that year. I was struggling and ended up spiraling badly in addiction with my husband. I got arrested for felony of possession of a narcotic and criminal trespassing May 2020. Then I got arrested again August 2020 for possession with intent to distribute and DUI. The possession charge got dropped and I plead guilty to DUI. I’m doing a drug court program for the 1st case where I get random drug testing up to 3 times a week. I’ve already completed IOP and have a few weeks left of aftercare. The drug court program lasts at least 12 months so I should be able to have the case dismissed between 12-18 months from when I plead in October 2020. I’ve been sober since August 2020. I reached out to IPRP/ISNAP last October. I assumed when I applied for renewal after being expired for a year I would be called for an appearance and ordered to ISNAP anyways. IPRP said they couldn’t do anything until my license was active. I renewed my license in October and explained my charges and drug court. I also told them about what IPRP said about needing my license active. I was very surprised they renewed my license active and didn’t request at appearance. I thought maybe it was because my license was expired when I got in trouble and it wasn’t work related at all. Recently I’ve looked for an RN job a little, but I’m thinking my charges or being in drug court are keeping me from being hired. So here’s my questions. 1. Should I still contact IPRP to get in monitoring? 2. Does the board ever renew and then later request an appearance? 3. Has anyone had any luck finding a job while in criminal diversion or drug court?