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  1. Mt SAC ADN 2023 Prospective Students

    I'm not sure how that goes though if you took it with them before, double check with them since it hasn't been a year since the last time you took it. I took it last august in another school for the first time but I'll take it again in Mt. Sac.
  2. Rio Hondo College Spring 2023 ADN Program

    None, and since they don't want students calling them about it anyway. I just hope they reach out via my personal email or call if I get lucky since they do not activate your Rio Hondo email unless you are an active RH student, which I am not because...
  3. Mt SAC ADN 2023 Prospective Students

    It says on the site that the lottery system was used to select who will get invited to take the TEAS then from there, they will use the usual screening process on who gets accepted and waitlisted. They want it done personally in their facilit...
  4. Pasadena City College ADN Spring 2023

    Hi, I applied too but I don't have my hopes up for PCC because they are not really generous when it comes to their point system; I think they changed it recently. They have less requirements that affected the things that I could have submitted compar...
  5. Mt SAC ADN 2023 Prospective Students

    I got one too. Good luck to everyone taking it!
  6. Rio Hondo College Spring 2023 ADN Program

    Hi! I applied too and anxiously waiting since I have average scores on my TEAS and GPA's. I have an active CNA license and have 500+ work hours. I have an AA degree and some documents for the life struggles part. I hope we get accepted
  7. Mt SAC ADN 2023 Prospective Students

    Hi! I also applied for Mtsac's Spring 23 program. Has anyone heard yet if they were invited to take the test? They said it would be September
  8. Admission Points

    Hi! So I just finished my TEAS 7 and I am not satisfied with my score of 77%. I feel like it is not competitive. In addition to that, one of the schools I applied for have more lenient admission, like not counting in work hours as a CNA, but they too...
  9. APU transfer program FALL 2022

    Thank you so much!! Hope I hear back soon Really? Hope I hear back soon because I submitted my application but my recommenders submitted their forms like a week late so I guess I'd have to wait a little longer. Thank you so much!
  10. APU transfer program FALL 2022

    Hi, coming back to this thread because I need some clarification. So I recently finished my APU application, together with all the files needed and my 2 recommenders just completed them. However, I can't help but feel anxious because it says that "Of...
  11. APU transfer program FALL 2022

    hey guys, I'm planning to apply for the Spring 2023 semester in APU. how were your grades when you were applying? I just want to see how I will fare since I know they are more lenient.
  12. Mt. Sac Spring 2022

    Hey guys, I have a question. Do schools accept "In progress" status of some classes? Thank you so much!