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  1. Oops, you are responding to the article, so you did read it...I'm still getting used to posting on this site:)
  2. So True Cheryl, especially with non-profits. If you haven't already read my last article you may want to. The title is: Give and Take: "The Equality of Rising Healthcare Costs" There really is no Equality! Even though this Topic is nothing ...
  3. I know all that is wrong with healthcare delivery is such a daunting task to turn around for the better. It's simply overwhelming, such a battle! And I do agree it won't happen anytime soon, but we have to keep fighting, findings ways to unite and Lo...
  4. Are You or Someone You Know Burned Out?

    Great post Atomic! I agree! I also read your other post with proactive, actionable solutions in the here and now. Great job sharing all the info. and links! Will do!
  5. I agree, so much corruption! And how do we feel when the CEO sits on the Board of Directors????? It will be interesting to see what happens with the IRS 21% excise tax on non-profit hospitals who continue to compensate C-Suite Executives at greater t...
  6. Thank You Cheryl! Nurses cannot be divided, we must support each other to survive in these times.
  7. When you say, “As long as there are lobbyists nothing will get done” I’m sure you must mean, lobbyists for healthcare organizations, for profit and non-profit, who want to block legislation/laws passed on say CEO compensation caps, safe staffing rati...
  8. The rising cost of healthcare has been examined for many years. The cost of staffing is one common explanation given. While there are many contributing factors, this article attempts to explore one area healthcare leaders can take responsibility for ...
  9. Mental Wellness: Where Do We Go From Here?

    Great heartfelt article that emphasizes such an important area that needs immediate remediation in healthcare! Thank you for stepping out and adding to the awareness. And yes, the environment’s that healthcare workers work in are extremely toxic, and...
  10. Understanding Florence Coming from privilege, determined and passionate about helping those in need, she used her influence and intellectual voice to bring about change. At times that voice was pointed and harsh, her will strong. A study of Flore...
  11. Good Morning Mary,

    Yesterday and early this morning I attempted to upload my article for the Florence Nightingale article competition. I had some technical difficulties uploading my content. I went back in to rectify and it's still not right. Is it possible to talk with someone live regarding this? Or through your personal email? 

    Thank You,

    Christie Dungey



    1. SusannahM

      SusannahM, BSN, RN

      I also submitted an article befoee the deadline last week and have not seen it published yet. Can you confirm it hasn't been lost through the cracks?

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