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  1. Dear Healthcare Leaders: Self-Care is Not the Answer

    You make a very good point. Our entire healthcare system and our social support system (or the lack thereof) is in crisis. We have so many changes that need to happen. It is larger than just a nursing issue. Advocate for nurses, educate patients, en...
  2. Dear Healthcare Leaders: Self-Care is Not the Answer

    Excellent! This should go to every hospital CEO throughout the country. We have been asking for 20 years. Now it is time to demand a change. Healthcare is going through a major transition, and I believe that the new generation of nurses will be front...
  3. To address the current nursing shortage, we must first address the reason that so many nurses are leaving the profession. Is it stress from witnessing death on a daily basis as was the case during the height of the pandemic, or burnout from working t...
  4. I Don't Care About Statistics

    think the anger at visitor restrictions/limitations is understandable. I think another fly in the ointment is that some health care workers refused to be vaccinated without true medical contraindications and continued to take care of patients, while...
  5. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    These articles are great! Our HR had policies and procedures in place that prevented people from getting hired and made the entire hiring process extremely difficult and convoluted. Only a very few made it through. I am now beginning to understand th...
  6. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    That is the tragedy. The patient is most definitely a loser in our current healthcare system. And we will all be patients sooner or later.
  7. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    I agree. Unless healthcare corporations make significant changes and make them quickly, they will have to deal with nursing unions. They brought it upon themselves.
  8. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Capitalist is the key word. Until the entire system is overhauled, there will be no significant change in our healthcare. Making a profit is more important than healing a patient.
  9. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    I completely agree. A big sign on bonus is a red flag. Most nurses want respect, a voice in planning, and most definitely adequate resources. They don't want more money.
  10. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    It is very unfortunate that so many nurses are leaving the profession or leaving for higher wages. Why can't hospital systems pay their own nurses the same salary as a contract nurse. Either way I completely understand the exodus. You can only take s...
  11. Fake News: Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

    Nursing shortage has reached critical levels. That alarming iconic statement is a sign of the times, and it is broadcast daily in the media. Of course, the crisis is blamed on the Coronavirus. Assuredly, everyone in healthcare at this moment in histo...
  12. Quit Job and Now Accused of Abandonment

    Good for you! You are very brave!
  13. C-Suite compensation has got to change. I believe non-profit status is only a way to pay less tax and increase profits. The worker, the system, and the patient do not benefit. Only certain individuals. CEO compensation and huge hospital mergers shoul...
  14. Very well written. Hospital reform is critical for the future of nurses and patients.
  15. Florence Nightingale and Environmental Theory

    Great story and beautifully written. I'm so impressed that a school system would make the changes you requested. I just recently read Nightingale's Notes on Nursing. It is so relevant even today.