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  1. SMCC vs USM

    Hi! Thanks so much for your response! I ended up choosing SMCC. I finished my first semester in the fall and start my second semester in a couple days. I am glad I decided to go with SMCC. It’s hopeful to hear you had a great experience. Best of luck...
  2. New Grad in the OR?

    Thank you so much! I just subscribed to your Youtube channel and will be watching some of your OR videos :) Are you located in the northeast as well?
  3. New Grad in the OR?

    I am currently enrolled in a nursing program and have about one year left. I have researched nursing specialties extensively. From what I can gather, the Operating Room, seems to be an excellent fit based on my interests and personality. I am also in...
  4. I am currently in the first semester of my nursing school clinicals. I've noticed that many of my peers have some level of healthcare experience, namely CNA experience. I've worked in the restaurant industry for almost 20 years and do not have any ex...
  5. SMCC vs USM

    I have been accepted to both USM’s nursing program and SMCC’s program. I am wondering if anyone has insight about each program. I have taken all of the prerequisites for each. If I was to attend SMCC I would graduate with my ADN in May 2023. If I dec...
  6. My dream specialty after graduation is to end up in some form of critical care nursing, so OR isn’t the exact direction I will be heading in, at least initially. I will be taking a pay cut working in the hospital, which will mean I will also have to ...
  7. I have an opportunity to pursue a Sterile Processing Tech position at a local hospital. In my state they do not require a prior certification and will train you on the job. I am currently in nursing school and start clinical in the Fall. The position...