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FOG_RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. I plan to get my MSN in leadership from WGU, curious to see if anyone got a job with this degree as a director of nursing, chief nurse, or any executive administrative nursing position in general? Looking to get this so I can get out of bedside...
  2. Air Force nursing FY2021

    I will join up!
  3. Air Force nursing FY2021

    Thanks! I got the med/surg position. I wonder if we will be on the same floor.
  4. Air Force nursing FY2021

    Hi all, I am going to the Aug OTS class, then station to Travis AFB, CA. Anyone here going to the Aug OTS? The recruiter told me it will be 8 weeks but nurses on Youtube and other areas of the internet have been through it in 5 weeks and it is c...