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Geriatric Nursing
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Juliana_Nurse has 3 years experience and specializes in Geriatric Nursing.

My name is Juliana, I am a RN. much love xoxo

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  1. Juliana_Nurse

    NCLEX Study group or partner south californina

    hey girl. What's up. PM me your number
  2. Juliana_Nurse

    NCLEX Study group or partner south californina

    Hey Ann, I live in Orange County! Let's be study partners!
  3. Juliana_Nurse

    Los Angeles Study Group

    what part of LA youre from?
  4. Juliana_Nurse

    NCLEX-RN. after trying for 6 times

    Hello. My name is Juliana and I am a RN in the Philippines, graduated in 2007 then I moved to California that same year. I have been trying the NCLEX-RN for 4 years now and after taking it for six times I still haven't passed it. I have tried all review materials out there, from Saunders, Lippincott, Kaplan, HURST, NCSBN learning extention, LaCharity, exam cram, NCLEX 3500 you name it but still no luck and I question myself all the time right after getting the official results on to why. I am not giving up and now that I rediscovered again this community and been reading the posts, I've been motivated and inspired again to hit the books, do the questions and try again one more time. I am not giving up. I don't think I am a horrible nurse when I was in nursing school, in fact, my grades were amazing. I seem to think that the real problem here is me not really focusing on my studies and not giving it a 110%. All I have to say is thank you allnurses for the inspiration. I need to clean up my act and just make it and give all my best since I know in my heart and in my mind that I will become a RN here in the USA. HUGSSS.
  5. Juliana_Nurse

    Study NCLEX-RN together in San Diego, CA?!?

    I am in San Diego too. We should all get together for a study group!
  6. Juliana_Nurse

    Select all that apply.

    I've been studying for the nclex-rn exam, It's going to be my fourth time to take it. I graduated 2007 and I know that I mastered basic content already. I practice and practice when it comes to questions. Select all that apply is the type of test question that I have been really having problems with when I do practice questions. Everytime I see a select all that apply question all of a sudden I become anxious. Any ideas on how to attack these kind of questions?
  7. Juliana_Nurse

    failed first time...did kaplan only

    i failed with kaplan too. now i am using saunders and suzannes plan
  8. Juliana_Nurse

    What to do before taking the NCLEX!

    took my second test on july 11th too. congrats
  9. Juliana_Nurse


    we're gunna make it. prayer and of course focus in our studying. we need to have a goal. mwahs
  10. Juliana_Nurse


    i flunked my nclex twice a month ago, and just now, i started to be inspired to prepare for it again, i am currently doing suzzane's plan, just started reading it this morning, hopefully, i'd make it this time around, they say, third's time the charm. mwahs
  11. Juliana_Nurse

    Completed Suzzane's 1st Tip!!!!!!!!

    purchased the book, i am starting on it.
  12. Juliana_Nurse

    i got my results

    i will do suzanne's plan.
  13. Juliana_Nurse

    i got my results

    i just felt really weird cause i thought i passed cause i really felt nice after the exam unlike the first time i took it, i guess the emotion that i was feeling was wrong. omg. sigh.... i know i'll make it. after 45 days! i have another question for you guys... so i took the exam on the 11th of July, can i send my reapplication now?
  14. Juliana_Nurse

    i got my results

    you know what? it has been crazy, i studied kaplan, well twice already, first on my first take, then they renewed my account. i read saunders too, and took ncsbn. i wonder if you guys can help me with study techniques or strategies.
  15. Juliana_Nurse

    i got my results

    oh i tell you i am not giving up. thank God my husband is on my side all the time. making me feel great. when i got my results on the mail and found out that i didn't make it, i sent him an email on his work that i didn't make it, he called me on my phone and i answered and i was crying so much, can't breathe nor talk. i told him that i am sorry, i felt like a failure all of a sudden, he gave me the heads up, cause he has faith in me, and he believes and knows that i am definitely gunna make it.
  16. Juliana_Nurse

    i got my results

    thanks for your words of encouragement, i know definitely i will make it. number 3 is my lucky number right?