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  1. Question about decannulation sleep study

    He was only diagnosed with apnea during this study. He had a home sleep study a few months back to determine whether he needed the vent at night, and that one he passed and was able to come off the vent. I don’t think that at this point, he would be ...
  2. I work as a peds home health nurse. My patient is 2.5 years and has Down syndrome. He has had a trach since he was an infant and his parents are eager to have it removed. He is currently off the vent entirely, and uses an Airvo for humidification whi...
  3. I Am Absolutely Miserable Because I Hate Being A Nurse?

    Maybe try home health, particularly pediatric home health? You only have one patient at a time, and you can work with your agency and the family to find the best schedule for you, so you can work 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts. Most patients are really sta...
  4. I am a home health nurse for a 5 year old that has a GT. When I started with him three years ago, he was on Pediasure for his feeds. He started getting really sick on it, vomiting nearly daily, as well as developing constipation (which I’m sure cause...