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  1. Hello everyone, I got offer for George Brown - Trent RN bridge for September 2022. I also applied to Ontario Tech as well and I am still waiting to hear from them. I was told they will be sending out offers starting second week of March. I'm ver...
  2. RPN to RN Bridging George Brown September 2022

    Hi, Congratulation!! I also got my offer from them on February 16. I also got offer from Centennial-Ryerson as well. I'm waiting to hear from Ontario Tech as that was my number one choice. They are only sending offers after fi...
  3. Hello everyone, I have applied to the George Brown bridging program for September 2022 and wanted to know if anyone else’s is waiting to hear back like me. I did the Casper test back on January 13 and it says my result was send out already. On G...
  4. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    You will need BLS.
  5. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Don’t get discouraged. I wish you all the luck for September ??
  6. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Hi I wrote on June 23 too and I got my results at 3:50pm today.
  7. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    I just got my results. I passed ????
  8. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    I think this Thursday we will get the results for sure. 3 more days of waiting ?
  9. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    I wrote my exam in Ontario. I’m honestly so nervous about the results. I believe we will be getting our results third week of July which seems like a life time away. I felt as if half of the exam was super easy and other half pretty difficul...
  10. CPNRE EXAM June 2021

    Hello everyone, I just wrote my exam on June 23rd and was just wondering who else is in the same boat as me. I’m so nervous about the results but I know I have to wait until most likely end of July to get it. The waiting is stressing me out so m...
  11. UOIT/Ontario Tech University RPN to BScN program

    Congratulation on your acceptance!! May I know how you got in after 3 tries. I have been put on waiting list for this fall and I'm going to be taking few. university courses to upgrade my point average and apply next year. Is that what you did?...