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  1. Slammylou

    Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    This is not at all a false sense of security. Not only does it lessen your chances of being infected, if you do happen to get covid then you're significantly less symptomatic, which also reduces your risk of spreading it. It's a totally reasonable concern for an immunocompromised person, or anyone with conditions that would predispose you towards a bad case (obesity, diabetes, pulmonary problems, etc). Of course there's a chance it could still be transmitted by a vaccinated individual, but it's significantly lower, so why would you not want to better your chances if your life is depending on it?
  2. Slammylou

    Mixing covid patients with non-covid

    I float through 3 different hospitals in my area, and in one I've noticed they occasionally have had covid patients mixed in with non-covid. Of course they're on all the precautions, but it surprised me a little. Given what we now know about its transmission, I don't necessarily think this is a terrible idea and frankly it's just inevitable eventually, but I was wondering if anyone else's facilities have started doing this yet?
  3. Slammylou

    What is harder: Hospital or facility?

    What kind of facility are you talking about? I often refer to hospitals as facilities also.
  4. Slammylou

    MRSA history?

    Many, many people carry MRSA in their nose or on their skin, whether they're infected by it or not. I've read up to 30% of the population does, and I'm sure it's much higher in the nursing population. If hospitals avoided hiring MRSA carriers they'd probably lose half their staff around the world.