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Hekate21 specializes in CNA/Patient Care Tech.

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    Terrible at math

  2. Hekate21

    Terrible at math

    Well I have learning disabilities that make trying to leave certain aspects of math very difficult. I cannot just teach myself math.
  3. Hekate21

    Terrible at math

    I’ve been a CNA at the same hospital for almost 10 years now. I went back to college a few years ago and was doing fantastic. Except I’m terrible at math. I got extremely disheartened after failing a math class and the professor I had at the time humiliated me. I kept taking other classes for awhile but Math is what I need to get out of the way so that I can get into Nursing school. My local college is finally offering math help so Im just wondering if I should give it another go. I work full time and also take care of a family member but I’m 32 and not getting any younger. Any RNs who were terrible at math when before they became nurses?