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  1. nursemo2020

    NYC Pediatric New Grad Residencies

    Hey just came across this thread! Do you mind sharing the recruiter? Or just any other info you got?
  2. nursemo2020

    HELP! Good Recruiters?!

    Hello all, I am a new grad, if I can still call myself that, I graduated in August 2020 and passed my NCLEX in October. I have only had one interview since then and feel like I'm doing everything wrong. I'm going insane and applying to so many jobs per day, I've also been reaching out to recruiters like a mad woman but it's not seeming to go anywhere. Was wondering if there are any nurse recruiters at NYC hospitals that were helpful to you all that you would not mind sharing with me? Or just any helpful advive/ encouraging words? Thanks guys! -Sincerely, ripping my hair out