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JoyRN is a LPN and specializes in Public Health.

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  1. I am a grad nurse in the NICU. I struggle with being a fast learner and remembering skills (especially if only done once). I also struggle with confidence. I find myself asking for the opinions of other nurses and using other nurses as resources. I get the impression from others around me that it's not acceptable to ask for help--that I should know what to do or navigate for resources on my own. I not only lack so much confidence but I also completely overlook all the good things I have done thus far. I keep encountering challenges each shift, making me further despise myself and think maybe I am not a fit for this dream job of mine. The other new grad nurses display so much confidence, intelligence, and competence. I can't help but admire them and wish I was that good. They pick things up so fast and don't need repeating to excel. They know exactly how to respond to critical situations while it takes me a moment to think about what I need to do. I want to be just like them. How did you guys overcome imposter syndrome? How did you become a better NICU nurse with stronger critical thinking skills? Did you experience anything similar like me when you first started and decide to persist? Where are you now? If you left the NICU, what led you to know or believe that the NICU may not be the place for you (for now)?