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  1. Hello Everyone, First I would like to say, I know that this topic has been discussed on many threads. I totally understand why. So many people who want to become a RN fight so hard to become accepted into the program and once the are accepted into the program, you expect it to be like A&P or BIO or Micro, but you soon realize that it is like nothing else that you’ve experienced. Another reason why there are so many threads about failing nursing school or being kicked out of the program is the therapeutic side of talking about it. Getting those terrible feeling of failure out. Hoping that someone will comment on your thread who has felt the pain of not passing the first semester. Fortunately I have the opportunity of retaking the semester over the Summer and it will keep me on track for graduation in 12/2022. So, one of the main driving forces to passing the exams is confidence. You have to believe in yourself!! But, how are you able to continue to believe in yourself if you didn’t pass 1st semester?? Maybe I just need sometime. I know one thing for sure I’m not giving up. Even though I feel like a total and complete failure.