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  1. Kaplan nursing entrance exam

    How did you do?
  2. Kaplan Nursing Exam

    What questions did you get on science? I am taking Kaplan in 2 weeks. Thanks!
  3. Kaplan nursing entrance exam

    Hi, did you take the exam? How did you do? What questions were there? Thanks!
  4. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    This is exactly what they told me. I was trying to figure out how they score applications. I am pretty confused too. They didn't mention anything about point system.
  5. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    I just talked to the nursing department asking for more info about the selection process. I was told that casper is worth 50% of your GPA, and they are only looking at overall and science Kaplan scores,which is worth about 75% of GPA. Still trying t...
  6. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Oh OK. I just ordered 2 ACT books, hopefully I can do better next cycle. I was so stressed during Kaplan, I can't even remember most of the questions on the test LOL
  7. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Good to know , thanks! What was the school schedule like?
  8. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Yeah, I heard it is much harder. I am still hoping to be able to work at least part time though. Nau is expensive.
  9. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    I purchased the Kaplan book to study but it was not useful to me at all. I think I only had 1 question on science portion that was from the book. I can't imagine how frustrating it is for you to have to re-do everything. How long were you in t...
  10. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    I totally agree with you! They say there is no right or wrong answer ,yet they still rate you. I hope they get rid of Casper before next cycle. What did you think of Kaplan? Was this your 1st time applying?
  11. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Science was 75 and math 82. I heard someone got in with overall 83 score. As far as casper goes, its pretty upsetting, considering they give you zero feedback.
  12. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    I didn't get in this time around even though I have good GPA (4.0)and 78 Kaplan score. So I will be applying next cycle again. Does anyone know important is casper score for NAU ? Thanks!
  13. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Congrats! I am still waiting to hear back ... What were your GPA and casper/Kaplan scores? Did you choose Flagstaff campus?
  14. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    I am sorry to hear that! I am positive you will do great on Kaplan next time. If you don't mind me asking, what was your score?
  15. NAU BSN 2022 Spring

    Hey all! Is anyone applying to NAU for Spring 2022? Would love to connect. I have applied and took Kaplan today.