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  1. Nursing Student Advice

    I am in my second session of an Accelerated nursing program and completed my first clinical this week. In all honestly I've been feeling overwhelmed with the workload and seeing how much nurses have to do in a shift. On top of all of that, the RaDond...
  2. CSU Stanislaus ASBSN 2022

    I got my acceptance letter too ? I'm so excited to meet all of you, congratulations!
  3. CSU Stanislaus ASBSN 2022

    Hey everyone, before submitting my app I just want to make sure I'm writing my Course name and number correctly. For example did you guys write "Biol 20: Principles of Physio" or only "Biol 20"? Thank you in advance!
  4. CSU Stanislaus ASBSN 2022

    Hey everyone, I plan to apply to the program this year but I am extremely nervous!! I took my TEAS 2 weeks ago and was aiming for a 90% but got a 84%. I'm contemplating retaking the TEAS again but I just have one more chance to get a better score. My...