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  1. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    I just graduated this May and wasn’t able to apply until the application was posted for May 2021 graduates. It went up April 12. It’s waaay too early to apply right now, I just started my job at CHOP and they’re looking for residents who can apply an...
  2. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Hi! Has anyone started yet and gone to the HR orientation? Are you supposed to wear scrubs or dress business casual??
  3. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    I would like to know this too. I went through the entire hiring process (signing an offer letter, speaking with my recruiter about the offer, etc.) and was never told anything about a differential. I definitely should have just asked, but it slipped ...
  4. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    I did a second interview, and not going to lie, it was hard. I’ve done 4 interviews across different health systems and my CHOP one was definitely the most challenging because the questions were not really centered around patient care. However, I got...
  5. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    update! I completed my video interview and within 24 hours I received an email saying that I have moved into the New RN Talent Pool. I'm so excited! For those of you that didn't have an application impacted by COVID, how long did it take you to get a...
  6. CHOP 2021 New Graduate Program

    Hi! I was just emailed yesterday to complete one of the video interviews. For anyone who has completed this step, would you mind sharing some of the questions they ask? I usually do pretty well prepping for interviews, but the fact that you only get ...