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  1. Kicked out of Nursing program

    Yes they do eat their young darling , researched , studied and solidified facts, was that a debate here. LOL. Anyways, I can see this very post is a microcosm of the nature of the profession. Simple question and answer leads to judgement, lack of emp...
  2. Kicked out of Nursing program

    OK, who was saying I was taking her side? I was being supportive and shared this comment for suggestions to give to her that is it. To be honest cannot say I didn't expect comments of this nature. Unfortunately for her indeed this is a fore...
  3. Kicked out of Nursing program

    I am new to this forum so THANK YOU ALL for the cautionary warning about the identifier. Thanks for the comments.
  4. Kicked out of Nursing program

    I meant she messed up during the actual thing* " They only used one needle during her lab practice that they recapped, so during the actual test she mistakenly recapped the needle due to muscle memory"
  5. Kicked out of Nursing program

    So I am an RN. I am writing on behalf of a nursing student I spoke to. She had to repeat her mother baby semester because she recapped a needle during lab. She explained it was muscle memory , she knew better but because that is how they practiced it...