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    Fired at 2 months of my First Nursing Job

    Hello everyone, so as it said in the title, I got fired from my first nursing job in 2 months. So the unit I was working was a critical care telemetry unit and since I worked in a small community hospital, the unit was basically a step down unit of the ICU. My Manager and Educator talked to me today saying I was still struggling and I am not getting the big picture yet even though I was handling 4 patients so they deem me unsafe and decided to end the orientation. They also told me this unit does not fit me since it is too fast pace for me I should find a place where it is more slow pace. They told me I can resign so it will be better for me when looking for another job so that is what I am planning to do. I feel discouraged because I thought I was doing my best since I go to work 6:15am to research on each of my patient and if they have any procedures so I can get ready. I even study on my free time, but after them saying that it made me feel dumb that I could not see the big picture. I do understand though since it was too fast pace for me, so what units are a more slow pace environment? What advice do you guys have for a new nurse? I am considering trying another residency, but I am scared other hospital residency program will be the same as the one I was in. With this hospital, they made the new grads already start on the floor for 2 weeks and then classes after. To others, it was nice for them, but for me I did not like it because it just made me more anxious and scared. Is there a residency program where they have classes first and then go on the Floor? What hospitals in Southern California have really good new grad program?