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NurseLife1220 has 2 years experience and specializes in PACU, LTC/SNF, Home Health.

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    RN to PMHNP

    Hey y’all! I have been a nurse for two years. I started out with my ADN. I did PACU for a year and I’m currently in Home Health. I’ve also done LTC/SNF on the side. I’m currently in a RN-BSN program and will be graduating soon! I’m a forward thinker and always plan ahead. It was always my dream to be a NP! I decided against FNP because I decided not to do Med-surg. I’m considering applying to a PMHNP program! I feel like I would do better in this and enjoy this better because psych is a more focused specialty compared to FNP, and I really enjoy caring for those that are under served! I feel as though I have some psych experience from caring for Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients as well as patients dealing with depression, and anxiety. I’m hoping to go travel nursing soon and expand my work history in LTC/SNF in other states. If there are any PMHNP’s or psych nurses out there that have any advice for me going forward, I am open to hear your opinions. Any advice or comments on work/life balance, jobs in outpatient settings, job demand, work experience, school programs etc would be helpful! Thanks so much!!