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  1. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    Congratulations to all of you! I got waitlisted, which I was expecting since I am in Microbiology right now. When I reapply for Spring I will have everything completed and a 3.8 GPA. I am number 70 on the waitlist and I am surprised the number even g...
  2. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    One more thing to have anxiety over! 🥴😂
  3. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    Just a few more days. Good luck to everyone! 😬🤞
  4. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    The schedule at SPC is giving me so much anxiety. I am not sure how I would juggle getting my kids to and from daycare / school with the way the morning and “evening” classes are at SPC. Does Galen have evening classes? July 1 seems so far aw...
  5. USF ABSN Summer 2021 - Tampa Campus

    Hey all-- question for those of you who got into the program. What does your class schedule look like? I saw that there are a lot of courses each semester--are they shortened courses so you're only taking a couple at a time, but in a compressed time ...
  6. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    Hey yourself. Since you will not qualify for in-state tuition (I believe you have to be a Florida resident for an entire year before you qualify for it), you are not limited to the public schools the way I am limiting myself. There are several RN sch...
  7. USF ABSN Fall 2021 St. Pete

    Hey everyone. I applied and was accepted to USF so now I'm just waiting for the SOAR applications to open. I graduated from USF in 2009 with my B.A. and didn't have the best GPA then (3.1) but have gotten As on every prerequisite I've taken for the n...
  8. SPC 2021 Fall Applicants

    Hi, I submitted my application as well. I was going to wait to apply for Spring 2022 because I'm taking Micro this Summer, but figured I may as well go for it. I also applied for the ABSN program at USF. They only accept applications once ...