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DONJuanOhio has 27 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Critical Care/LTC.

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  1. Male Nursing swag

    #Hoka shoes if your gonna be on your feet 12 hours with minimal breaks. ER is fast paced and rarely do you get an uninterrupted break or a chance to sit down.
  2. Help With New DON Position

    Yes CapeCodMermaid, we are expecting our survey anytime now and other facilities that just had their survey agree. Mostly infection control and immunizations mostly due to the poor performance of nursing homes during the pandemic. One good thing that...
  3. Help With New DON Position

    Yes Plate is full but when you work for a small facility, you have less supporting staff and you have to do the jobs of about three people...LOL But I enjoy a challenge and want to do my best and not let adm/owners down. Thanks for the info! Much app...
  4. Help With New DON Position

    20+ years experience mostly in med surg and critical care. Tired of the floor nursing stress and low pay, I took advantage of a DON opportunity I came across at a smaller family owned nursing home. The administrator and I hit it off immediately- pers...