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  1. EKU vs NKU psych np program

    Wow it sounds very disorganized and stressful. Happy to hear it is cheap. How many students are in a class? Is it a new program? I am trying to figure out why it is so disroganized.
  2. PMHNP Program Admission Tips

    Major Majoooor plus Telemedicine is definitely the future. Honest,ly is there any other NP field that we can work telemedicine almost >98% of the time?
  3. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    Brilliant! This is someone who knows what s/he is worth. Thanks for sharing
  4. What is your take home pay as Nurse Practitioner?

    YOU ARE AMAZING! Thanks for sharing this very important information "NP's should never accept salaries. Work for yourself or bill insurance directly or through your physician collaborator/supervisor if needed. Salaries are very low because the ...
  5. Psychiatric nurse practitioner pay

    Well-written. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Thanks for sharing this current information. The more we share the better for those coming behind you.
  6. Liberty University's PMHNP program May 2020

    I hear liberty has a great program. All their syllabus is online. Have a look and decide if you like what you see
  7. EKU vs NKU psych np program

    Please expand and share your thoughts. Too many exams?> Too stressful? Why garbage? EKU - only KY and TN students NKU - has more states. Which state are you in?
  8. FNP to Psych NP

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom
  9. Psyche NP administration of Botox

    Check with your BON. However, I would wonder if a psychiatrist can become a medical director for a botox clinic? Just thinking...
  10. Agism as New Psych NP?

    Honestly with COVID age is no problem. And the truth be told... most patients like mature people - it may equate to experience and wisdom. ? My advice go for it - and never think of age. I tell my mentees the only time they should think of age, is...
  11. PMHNP Program Admission Tips

    LOL Myoglobin Love "my OCD non ADHD PMHNP SO)" What is SO by the way? I hope when I graduate I obtain a similar job with excellent pay It is not an easy job but way easier than FNP from my colleagues who are FNP and became Psych ...
  12. PMHNP Program Admission Tips

    AND most importantly Myoglobin - thanks for giving back to the profession. By coming on here and supporting those behind you with current information. Noble!
  13. PMHNP Program Admission Tips

    Thanks Myoglobin. You encourage me so much. Where these online or onsite jobs? Have you ever considered precepting the next gen ?
  14. Myoglobin, 

    Good day. I wish I could send you a PM, but I am new to the forum.  I have spent many hours reviewing posts but never thought to sign up until I began following your posts.  I have read several of your posts and absolutely love your responses.  You have a positive way of saying things that is simply amazing. I am greatly encouraged and was wondering if you could help me.  I am working on my PMHNP.  Have you ever thought of virtual precepting?  

  15. PMHNP Program Admission Tips

    Thanks kindly for your response. I am so encouraged. Please any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. How did you start? Where did you search for jobs. sagamore2015 at gmail I tried to send you a pm, but I guess I am too new...