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  1. Hey guys for those who were accepted I made a GroupMe for our cohort if you would like to join! You're invited to my new group 'Student Nurses of Fall 2021 Cohort' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/68875934/TyOPzviE
  2. Me Too!! Congratulations
  3. I didn’t know you can apply to concurrent after the 1st semester if your in the traditional track. I might do that ! How does that work ?
  4. Hey guys I wanted to make this for those applying to Seminole’s Traditional or Concurrent program for this fall. I just submitted my application today and I’m hoping to hear some good news in 6 weeks! STATS: Prereq GPA: 3.52 TEAS Score: 88.7 I applied to the traditional track, I wanted to do concurrent but it was too late to apply to UCF.