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    Throwaway because of the sensitive nature of the topic. I've recently had to have some discussions with an employee that is my direct report about tardiness. She believes that it is our companies policy to work with the employees to make arrangements if they cannot be to work on time. She is the only employee that comes in this late in the day and is consistently (read...daily) late for this role. The fact that this arrangement was agreed to before my time there and is no longer working for our team is the problem. The employee sees this as racial discrimination and intends to report us for such actions. Has anyone else been reported for something after a disciplinary discussion? I'm sure it's not rare but it's my first time and so shocking that I just can't stop thinking about it. In no way was this situation racially motivated and at no time did I feel that I singled her out. She feels otherwise and while being kind and appreciative to my face, clearly has something in the works behind the scenes. I'm heartbroken that this has escalated to the point that it has over tardys but have no clue how to handle them going forward if the policy doesn't matter to anyone but admin.