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    Travel nurse housing wishlist

    What are the important things a traveling nurse look for in housing? I am building a new 1 bedroom house behind an existing rental I have owned for 30 years. I recently was told about the need for housing in your industry and have decided to furnish it and look at this type of rental. I'm retired law enforcement and the front line nurses and other medical folks have been very good to me over the years so when I heard about this need, it really got my interest. Having said all that, common sense tells me that clean, quiet and safe would be the core things, but what else can I do at this stage to design or equip it with a traveling nurse in mind? Here's what I assumed needed to be included: All utilities, high speed internet, clean comfortable furniture, washer/dryer Here are some questions: What about pets? Is that common? Does it need a small backyard? Black-out blinds in the bedroom? (IV'e worked a lot of graves over the years too) Smart TV's (or does everyone carry their Firestick with them)? Tub/shower or walk in shower? Was going to do a nice large shower but didn't know if anyone really uses a standard tub anymore. House cleaning service? Laundry service? Do you normally book your own rentals or does the company/service you go through (if that's how it works) do it for you? I also see some comments about cancellations of contracts by the hospital and the need to not get stuck in a lease. How often does this happen and what would be a realistic structure that gives you a way out without completely burning that mean landlord (Me!) haha. Would really appreciate any input. This is all new to me and if I'm trying not to miss anything. Stay safe