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    NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    Yeah, its definitely wasnt a cheap option. However, I have done so many prep books and other online reviews like UWorld and Kaplan that I thought why not go all in to pass. This was my last option but I have no regrets because I can always just work to earn it again. This is your career so you have to do whatever it takes.
  2. OHMG96

    NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    I am glad that you were able to overcome the struggles and difficulties! I wish you nothing but the best success in your next opportunity in the nursing field!
  3. OHMG96

    NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    Hello Struggling Nursing Students. This is my first and probably my only post I will be doing here. I promised myself that when I passed NCLEX, I would share my experience and pain that I had to go through, like many of you may have experienced as well. I graduated nursing school in May 2020. I was supposed to graduate in December 2019 and this is where my pain started. I ended up failing out of nursing school due to my GPA and this was due to some traumatic family issues going on and taking care of family member's poor health at the time. This affected my mental state and finding about getting kicked out of nursing school only exacerbated this further negatively. I requested my school through a letter on why they should reinstate me, explaining my situation, and I was thankfully reinstated to the next semester. So, I retook my third semester and passed. Skip to graduation, me and my fellow nursing friends all studied together, using UWorld. I knew I was not a great test taker nor I was the smartest as I barely passed nursing school. However, I believed that I could pass with them together. Exam day comes and everyone but me passes. They started working right away due to COVID cases rising. Here I am who was the only one in the group who has failed and feeling miserable that I was not going to help make a difference in taking care of patients. 2nd time, I used Remar Review because she claims that everything in her book will be on the exam. Well and behold, NOTHING from her book was in my exam. 3rd time I used Lacharity and Saunders. Failed again. At this point, I wanted to give up and felt so miserable. I couldnt even talk to my nursing friends like I used to because of how stupid I felt compared to them. On my fourth attempt, from December to March, I had taken a review course called Avenir Solutions. I have never heard of the review course before, nor have heard anyone else recommend them, but I gave it a shot. For me, I think my biggest needs was to review the contents in detail first rather than trying to solve as many questions and understand as many rationales as possible. And it proved to have helped me a lot. Fast forward to today, I had taken my exam. I came out with done 145 max questions with 27 SATA, 2 drag and drop, 2 EKG. I did the pearson vue trick and continued to keep getting the good pop up. Now, as I am writing this, I do not know my exact results, but based on other people, it seems the good pop up is 100% accurate so fingers crossed. I just wanted to tell those who are struggling to keep your head up and continue to find other ways to succeed. don't get depressed for a long period of time. Yes, if you fail, you should feel sad, but get back up and move forward. This NCLEX does not defy who you are or what kind of nurse you will become in the future. Believe in yourself! I hope to whomever reads this you found this helpful and sorry for the long post. Failure is needed to have a better chance to succeed.