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DkRN71 has 13 years experience and specializes in PCCN.

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  1. Hi there, I am in my 1st year of FNP school, and will be 53 years old when I graduate in 2023. I have been a PCU RN for 13 years, and while I love patient care I am feeling burned out working at bedside. In talking to several NPs in my area (considered to be over saturated) NPs are overworked (and if you break down the salary to hourly pay is less than contract RN). It isn’t unusual to be working 50-60 hrs/week (which includes time spent on administrative tasks). I find this to be particularly daunting as I really don’t want to feel worked to death without time for myself, as I will have about 15 work-years left, also would need to pay back loans and get ready for retirement! What is everyone else’s experience with this? Does it depend on location and specialty? If so, what specialty would have more flexibility? Thanks 🙏🏼