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Bretside has 18 years experience and specializes in LTC-DON.

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  1. Using Your Nursing Credentials to Validate Anti-Vaxxer Theories

    Stay home if sick as evidenced by Sneezing, Coughing, Fever, or Diarrhea. No mask will take the place of common sense. I wash my hands often, use sanitizer on gas pumps/shopping carts, and test employees from their vehicle (why bring them in to be ...
  2. Using Your Nursing Credentials to Validate Anti-Vaxxer Theories

    I do agree that the vaccine is safe and that is how we eradicated several diseases like Small Pox . I also know that it doesn't make sense to me that their would be any latent side effects. I did get it myself and I encourage others to do their res...
  3. Using Your Nursing Credentials to Validate Anti-Vaxxer Theories

    I have been fully vaccinated and had Covid-19 as well. Although, it made sense to me to get vaccinated it may not for some. The problem seems to be one of trust in the government which is at an all time low now. One thing for sure is everyone's ri...
  4. LVN/LPN out to get me?????

    I've slowly worked through a solution with my issue with the LVN/LPN out to get me. These are the steps that I've gone through that seemed to have helped and seems to be a combination of advice I got from everyone: 1) Met with the LVN/LPN and ...
  5. LVN/LPN out to get me?????

    Thank You for the advice caliotter3. I was thinking of cutting back on the problem children's hours who have been calling in sick. Just need to get some more staff in the building to handle the fallout. Never been in this situation before where I'm...
  6. LVN/LPN out to get me?????

    I just took a job as DON in a small town nursing home. This small nursing home has been through 3 DON's this past year. I have had some call ins and had to work the floor as a CNA a few times already and alternating taking call working the floor wi...