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SpicyPickle has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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    FNP Clinical Schedule Chamberlain

    ALSO if anybody sees this and replies, another question I have..... do you recommend doing all your clinical days together, or spacing them out? I was going to do Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but wasn't sure if it would make sense to just try and do three days together and then have four days off? What did you guys find helpful?
  2. SpicyPickle

    FNP Clinical Schedule Chamberlain

    Hi! I start my first FNP clinical course next month. I am going to Chamberlain, so the process has been incredibly difficult and I have not been given much help or guidance from the university. Can any students that have attended, or are currently attending, tell me how many days a week they saw their preceptor? Nobody has really set an expectation for me so I’m not sure if I see them 2 days a week or if I go 5 days a week. I understand we have set hour requirements and each site will be different, but I’m just wanting an idea of an average of days most people go. I was going to start with 3 days a week and then adjust as needed, but was not sure if that was adequate. I feel completely unprepared for my upcoming clinical experience, but am trying to go above and beyond to prepare myself.