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    post DUI success

    I wanted to come on here and post my story because over the last several years, I have come to this site many times in search of answers and hope and situations like mine and didn't find success. I hope my story gives hope to others. A few years prior to starting nursing school, I was convicted of 2 DUIs. I went to nursing school anyway, and when I graduated, the state BON took a few years to process/investigate my application. I was broken and thought I would never be a nurse. However, they finally granted my license without restrictions. As a side note, fellow classmates with DUIs were smart enough to expunge their record prior to getting their fingerprints done for the board and did not have a delay. I practiced as a nurse for several years, then went back to school and graduated as an NP. I was worried the state would again take their time reviewing my application, but they did not. I was granted a full license with prescriptive authority without issue. I have obviously kept my nose clean and have not had any issues, but I was still worried. As much as it hurt at the time, I am now fully licensed and happy to move on (except with applications that ask about my past of course).