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    Insight Peds and adult hospice

    Looking for insight/advice/encouragement. I work as a hospice nurse- love working with adults, love my job, love admissions which is my title (admission RN) Recently they started assigning my role (admit nurse) to weekends. Problem is we also have a pediatric hospice division and I was told we are responsible for pediatric pt on weekends. I’ve never worked with peds other than a rotation in school years ago. I’ve not had peds training other than a PowerPoint e-learning from company.I asked about this in my interview 1.5 years ago and was assured the peds team handles this and I would not have to work with peds but alas times have changed. On a personal level we are struggling with infertility and this is not good for me emotionally- I was assigned an infant yesterday who was expected to pass quickly. I’ve never refused an assignment ... ever... but had to have a heart to heart with management and explain I was not comfortable. Thankfully they did assign a different nurse which made me feel relieved but guilty that I said no and someone else did it. Any insight or thoughts? Been a very rough weekend. Just wanted to reach out.