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jamiebell has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in Operating room RN, CST, RNFA student.

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  1. I 💯% agree. I have informed my manager that the CSTs are acting as first assist/RNFA/PA/NP with out the proper education and this is a legal liability. I do not work with certain scrub techs because they know I have spoken up about this issue. Management has done nothing to my knowledge besides me not working with those scrubs. Other RNs and staff have said, nothing will change and all you’re going to do is make it harder on yourself by pushing the issue.
  2. I have been an RN in the OR for 16yrs. I was a surgical tech for 6 years while putting myself through nursing school. As a scrub tech at a teaching hospital, your scope of practice was cut and dry. I am now currently in school for my RNFA. About a year ago, I got married and moved. I now work at a much smaller hospital. 90% of the staff (CST & RN) have ONLY worked in that operating room. I find myself struggling with the CST/STs that practice outside of their scope. (Suturing, making incision, putting in ports, stapling across bowel) Just to mention a few things. I have spoken to the OR manager about the scope of practice for a CST/ST. I get no answers from them as to why the scrub techs are practicing as a first assist without proper training or credentialing. I have informed the manager these behaviors are still happening. The response I have gotten, “Under direct supervision of the surgeon“. Do the surgeons know that the scrubs are not qualified to execute these tasks? Or have they just done whatever they had to, to get through the surgeries? None of the CST/ST have first assist training. I know there is legal liability when staff are working out of there scope of practice. I have been there over a year and nothing has changed! The other RNs say you have to pick your battles and nothing is going to change because of poor management. Any suggestions???