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jamiebell has 18 years experience as a RN and specializes in Operating room RN, CST, RNFA student.

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  1. It has been difficult to address this issue. 90% of the staff have only worked at this one facility and don’t know any different, they don’t want anything to change. They do a great job but I know it’s a legal liability. I have made some staff and e...
  2. Georgia, I have also looked up scope of practice for CSTs in GA. It reads almost word for word as California CST. Only with advanced education/first assistant programs are the CSTs able to suture, place Instruments, cut tissue, or permanently alter ...
  3. As a the circulating RN in an operating room, it is your duty to ask questions and voice any concerns you may have. You are the patient advocate. Once they go to sleep they cannot speak for themselves. They trust you as the nurse “the gate keeper” of...
  4. I ?% agree. I have informed my manager that the CSTs are acting as first assist/RNFA/PA/NP with out the proper education and this is a legal liability. I do not work with certain scrub techs because they know I have spoken up about this issue. Manage...
  5. I have been an RN in the OR for 16yrs. I was a surgical tech for 6 years while putting myself through nursing school. As a scrub tech at a teaching hospital, your scope of practice was cut and dry. I am now currently in school for my RNFA. About a ...