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  1. TippyTappyMeow

    Night Shift - What You Didn’t Learn in Nursing School

    To be honest I'd have start paying attention to their schedules more. I try to stay out of the scheduling drama unless someone needs a switch. It does seem like if nurses like to work 3 on they get it. The conflicting information may be if they get the 3 days they requested. I know our pay periods always are a source of frustration since it isn't a traditional Sun-Sat. Lastly, I'd say the staff who rotate between days/nights seem to have the most complaints.
  2. TippyTappyMeow

    Night Shift - What You Didn’t Learn in Nursing School

    I am struggling with the decision to leave nights. I have a love/hate relationship with nights and my schedule. One of my biggest struggles is I work weekend program so it is hard to reconnect with friends/family who work during the week. I could come off weekend program but then I will not be guaranteed 3 days on and 4 days off. I'd love to move towards a PM shift however at this time the only department that offers it is the ED or Urgent Care. Both departments require 1 - 2 years experience.
  3. TippyTappyMeow

    More pay or better ratios?

    Better ratios. As a new grad I knew right away I didn't mind taking the lowest pay in the area. My only compliant is that the organization I work for has been continuing to require nurses to flex up on ratios. Admin pretty much says screw whatever your unit policy is. They are sick of being yelled at Monday mornings if the ED has to board for any reason. It might be more like 6-7 patients, but the organization next door from what I heard is pushing 7-9 on nights. I can see the writing on the wall so I'm trying to make my exit from bedside before I get too use to the money/schedule.
  4. TippyTappyMeow

    Trying to follow everyone's advice but still no luck

    I have been following your posts because I was experiencing similar physical symptoms during my clinicals at school. They have decreased over time at work, but I'd be lying if I said they are gone completely. I'm ready to leave bedside before I finish out a year. I've tried for so many positions and I receive the same feedback more often than not. A nurse with more experience, or an internal candidate was selected. Sometimes it's the physician who doesn't want a nurse with less than one year. If I don't get anything by my 6 month review then I'll be asking to drop to part time. My manager supposedly does not grant transfers. I made it clear during my interview this would not be a long term job. A year at most. I have one more month until I'm eligible for a transfer however I've been applying early in case HR is willingly to factor in I need to give a month notice. I hope you land something soon, and return to post about it!
  5. TippyTappyMeow

    Clinic Interview

    I have an interview upcoming for a clinic position that would be for a spine surgeon. I'm already on the fence because the manager kept specifying the surgeon is very particular. Particular is an interesting word choice to me. I want to question the manager if this surgeon is willingly to take such a fresh nurse such as myself onto their team. Any red flags that I should be aware when interviewing and/or shadowing? On the other side any advice or things I should prep on to make myself a top applicant?
  6. TippyTappyMeow

    Health Dept Interview

    Hi all, I have an interview coming up for my city's health department. There's two parts beginning with a written test and then a panel interview. From what I can find on-line it's all about earning the most points during your interview. At the conclusion of the day applicants are ranked by the number of points with the highest earning applicant receiving an offer. It's a continuous job opening so applicants who rank high enough will be left on a list to be re-evaluate each month for a total of 6 months. I tried to do some research on here and it looks like test/interview process is all dependent on locality. I didn't have a Community/Public Health Clinical so I'm not sure how to prepare. My community course was focused mainly on secondary data project. Thank you!
  7. TippyTappyMeow

    VA Job Offer

    I received an offer from my local VA. I have some reservations about taking the position more so because I really did not want to go further into the hospital. I currently work on an observation unit that falls under the emergency department. The VA position is on a med/surg/tele unit and I'd be working dayshift. Working days was my biggest motivator for applying. My other concern is it's classified as part time despite my FTE not changing between positions. This first question I fully recognize should've been asked during my interview, but can you tour/shadow on units before being hired? What impact does being part time (0.9) have on benefits vs full time? I haven't hit my 6 months in nursing, but I know nightshift isn't for me anymore. Ideally, I'd love to go towards a clinic position. My gut is telling me to decline the VA offer and finish out the Summer when I will have made it 6 months and then reassess what direction I want. If I feel the same about clinic nursing then I need to hit my 1 year mark to make myself more desirable internally as a candidate.
  8. TippyTappyMeow

    Leaving the hospital after 9 months

    I have found myself not enjoying inpatient even though my unit is technically classified as outpatient. Recruiters I've spoke with for clinic positions have said it's up to the physician if they'd accept a new graduate nurse on their team. I did try for the local health department as well because my original interest with nursing came from a public health course. Reading posts such as this gives me hope.