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    missed a med

    hello all, So I've started as an LPN on a ventilator unit, and was trained for nocs. I've worked the last 2.5 years as a CNA at the same place. I came in to work the other day at 8pm assuming I'd be a CNA for 2 hours, then switch to nurse. well instead, the nurse manager, who is also the unit manager that was working says no your taking over for me. She knew I was never trained on that shift one day. I had to do the whole pm med pass. I ended up missing a patients 2500 mg dose of levetiracetam; I was notified last evening by the PM nurse . I've known of this for 15 hours now...and while the patient is fine and hasn't had any seizure signs, I JUST CAN'T GET THIS OUT OF MY HEAD. it's haunting me LOL. I'm a 2 week old nurse, and feel bad for overlooking it. thoughts or advice? 🙂