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  1. sydneyrach

    Loma Linda Children's (LLUCH) RN Residency Program Fall 2021

    so I also applied on the 26th too, but mine still says application under review. I saw online that HR recruiters can review it up until may 14th and then it gets sent to unit directors/managers. and then we can be contacted for an interview starting may 31st. I keep checking like everyday LOL
  2. sydneyrach

    Loma Linda Children's (LLUCH) RN Residency Program Fall 2021

    Hi Caitlyn! I am Sydney and I am also from Southern California!! I applied to the NICU and my response was about 400 words! I wasn't really sure what they wanted for that section and there was no word count limit! I notice though that job applications still says active which I thought was weird. My application still says its under review, is that what yours says?
  3. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to start this thread for the Loma Linda University Children's Hospital RN Residency Fall 2021 Cohort applicants! I haven't seen one yet and would love connect!
  4. sydneyrach

    CHLA and Rady Children's

    Hi! So I currently work at CHLA as a Care Partner and am also waiting for the RN Residency to open. The nurse manager and supervisors I have talked to there don't know when it is going to open. They haven't been told anything. I was told that they were having a meeting soon to discuss it though! I am hoping they will let us know soon. 🙂
  5. sydneyrach

    Seattle Childrens Residency Fall 2021

    Hi Everyone! I am also planning on applying to Seattle Children's for the NICU! I also am from California!
  6. sydneyrach

    Children's National Nurse Residency Fall 2021

    Hello Everyone! I am about to submit my application! I am submitting mine to the NICU!