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    Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    I’m just a little sketched out by getting vaccines from major retailers, and the higher up vaccination placement just adds to the anxiety. No idea if the bursa was irritated or not. Arm just feels weaker even 10 days out. Realistically, I know that short of having a massive bruise or immobile arm, there isn’t anything that I can do. Arguing over 3-4 cm below the acromion vs 5-6cm wouldn’t get me anywhere with a doctor visit. I’ll just have to get my second vaccine(all future vaccines) at a hospital from now on. Nothing else I can really do.
  2. The bruise was the injection site administered by a pharmacy tech at Walgreens. Can't remember how far away my arm was from the side, so it's possible that the bursa was irritated. Appears to be 3 cm below the lower edge of the acromion, though I think it should be 5-6 cm to avoid the bursa. Any nurses care to comment? I know that you would get your vaccines at the hospital, but would you go back to a Walgreens for shots?