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juliyg has 1 years experience and specializes in Mental Health.

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    Low BScN GPA, getting into NP

    Hi everyone! I am new to this platform I am a mental health RN with 1.5 years of experience. I unfortunately have a low BScN GPA (2.89) mainly due to working throughout my time at school, taking care of my sick mother and personal health issues. A lot happened LOL but I genuinely feel like my GPA is not reflective of the nurse I am or the potential I have. I went to Yale for undergrad and struggled due to rigorous courses and personal problems. I was just rejected from the 1 NP Program I applied to (CUNY). I'm nervous that my GPA will haunt me for the rest of my career. I have been passionate regarding the mental health field for YEARS- even my jobs during college were on psych units. Any advice on how to be a better applicant for next year? I'm heartbroken but mainly want to grow and be the best nurse I can be. Should I take the GRE to supplement my app? My essay and recommendations were strong. For context I live in NYC and would like to stay here-any online programs or general programs I should look into? Thank you so much 🙂