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  1. NCAT ABSN 2022

    No they did not. Yes, the other program is an accelerated BSN program (13 months) at Winston Salem State University.
  2. NCAT ABSN 2022

    I informed them that I have already been accepted at another nursing school which is closer to where I live. They should reach out to everyone they interviewed by next week. One of the interviewers said there is a mandatory orientation in December so...
  3. NCAT ABSN 2022

    Hey @meros, I also applied and heard back last week. I had my interview today. Did you hear back from them about an interview?
  4. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Hey, I created a fb group like 3 weeks ago and one of the students in cohort N20 already joined and told us they are compiling an excel sheet with stuff they want to sell. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241477744625497/
  5. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Hey, Congrats on the acceptance. I think they will reach out to us on or after the November 8th deadline in the acceptance letter. I don't know the details about immunization records but from reading previous threads, WSSU uses medproctor, an im...
  6. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    No, I didn't. I'm going to email (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) to confirm she received it. Yes, this helps a lot. Thanks.
  7. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    I have not gotten any information about the background check or drug test. . Did you get a confirmation email from (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) when you sent the letter of acceptance?
  8. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Yes. I printed, signed, and scanned it back to them.
  9. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Did you check your spam folder? You could email (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) to find out.
  10. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    I created the facebook group, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/241477744625497/ I look forward to meeting everyone ?
  11. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Hello everyone, I just signed and sent my letter of acceptance form. Has anyone created the facebook group? I don't want to create a second one.
  12. UNC Chapel Hill ABSN - Summer 2022

    Hello everyone, I got my letter via email but I decided to decline the offer. I live in Winston-Salem and I got into another school that is literally 10 minutes away from me as opposed to driving an hour and half to UNC-CH. Good luck everyone!!
  13. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    Congratulations y'all, I am beyond excited
  14. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    OMG! I just got my acceptance letter
  15. WSSU ABSN 2022 Start

    I haven't heard anything. I've been checking my email and spam folder religiously. sigh ?

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