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  1. Update: just checked my status one of my applications changed to “reviewed not selected” tele 8th floor. The other application for 6th still says reviewing. Does anyone else have any updates ?
  2. Congrats! Is this for Dignity Health Glendale Memorial ? Will this be your first interview or second one ?
  3. Has anyone’s status change on the dashboard after the interview?
  4. No 😕 still waiting. I wonder if they have called any externals yet. My interview was three weeks ago IDK if there’s still any hope
  5. Hello! Did anyone go in for an interview yet ?
  6. Hello, just wanted to start this thread for those who applied to Northridge RN Residency program. Please discuss and share any updates you have from the application.
  7. Hello, I just wanted to start a forum for those who recently applied to Glendale Memorial Hospital new grad positions that opened up last week. Has anyone heard back from them yet ? and has anyones status change on the dashboard?