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GodsNurse has 31 years experience and specializes in Holistic.

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  1. Publication 4 Holistic Nursing

    I'm wondering if there are any reputable Holistic publications that ya'll would recommend? Blessings
  2. Publication 4 Parish nurses

    I'm wondering if there are any reputable Faith Comminity Nursing publications out there although ya'll would recommend?
  3. Authoring CEUs

    Thank you VERY much! That is very helpful information. I appreciate it
  4. Authoring CEUs

    I have asked "customer service" on that particular website. The representative keeps saying, "I don't know, I'm only customer service." That company doesn't have a physical publication. ?
  5. Authoring CEUs

    Is there a website or link someone would be kind enough to post that lists requirements and standards for writing CEUs? TIA
  6. What kind of Career Options are out there?

    Ever thought about going solo, into life coaching? I try to combine Spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, relational ( or Psychosocial), and financial. They all are so closely related. From my personal experience, the idea of specialties ...