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  1. Resident Thinks I’m A Fake Nurse

    We got a new resident admitted to our LTC. He’s alert and oriented. He’s in his 60s. Anyways I’m hard of hearing. It’s been incredibly difficult for me to understand everyone with masks on but my manager and the team have been amazing and suppor...
  2. Unintentionally Violated HIPAA. Felt Stupid.

    Do nurses get reprimanded for accidental HIPAA violations?
  3. Unintentionally Violated HIPAA. Felt Stupid.

    I’m very stressed out even though my manager is well aware of this mistake and was very kind about it. I was working at a nursing home and we received our residents’ test results. We have to disclose the results to the residents. I was not payi...
  4. Thanks! Yes I felt compelled to pursue acute care because everyone told me to do so. How long did you work in acute care for?
  5. Last year I got a job offer for bedside nursing and I accepted it. I was upfront with the manager that I wear hearing aids but I can hear and speak pretty well. The manager was fine with it. Boy was I so wrong. It turns out that I rely on lipre...
  6. That’s very good advice, thank you Jedsnurse. Right now I’m working as a part of COVID response team; I go around and vaccinate community members. On other days, I work in case management. This is a contract so I’ll have to look for a new job before ...
  7. I feel my lack of acute care experience is starting to show in my performance. When I was working in home healthcare, I had some clients who would have been better helped by someone with more years of experience. Acute care experience will help stren...
  8. I’ve worked in community (eg home healthcare, public health, etc.) since I graduated from nursing school in 2018. I love community nursing and did not want to work in a hospital setting. But my friend encouraged me to apply for a job posting at ...
  9. When I was completing my clinicals in various hospital settings, I realized that I do not want to work bedside at all. I had no desire of working in a hospital setting and preferred community nursing instead. Upon graduation I worked in home hea...