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  1. Hi! 

    I was reading a thread and noticed that you ended up selecting Georgetown for your FNP. I am in a similar boat as you were prior to your decision. I got accepted into Georgetown, and I have not yet heard from USC. Do you happen to remember how long it took to get your acceptance to USC? Thanks!! 

  2. Georgetown MSN FNP Fall 2021

    I went with Georgetown and so far they have been great!
  3. Georgetown FNP May 2018 cohort

    I've been accepted and I'm also a bit on the fence about if I should start Georgetown's FNP. For anyone who has gone through the program, do they really find the clinical sites? I've heard such mixed things.
  4. Georgetown MSN FNP Fall 2021

    Hello, I've also been accepted to the FNP program at Georgetown this year. Has anyone had any luck confirming with a current student about the preceptor matching process?
  5. Georgetown FNP 2020

    Hello - I'm wondering for the people who started this program last year - did Georgetown really find your clinicals? I've been accepted to the program and would love to hear from someone who has already started.
  6. Frontier or Georgetown

    Hello RockyMtnHi. I'm thinking of starting the georgetown program myself and was wondering if you could share the agency that you found to host your clinicals.