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  1. Hello everyone, Let me give you a little background information: I am currently in Nursing school, as a second bachelors degree student in an accelerated program. I will graduate in December and take the NCLEX shortly afterward. My entire goal for becoming a nurse is to go to school to become a CRNA. I have always wanted to join the military, particularly the Navy and serve our troops as a nurse. My goal is to attend the Military university in Maryland (Uniformed Services University) and receive my education there and then serve as a Navy Officer. Hopefully as a career. In order to apply to the program, I need to gain experience working in the ICU. My question is about how I should gain this experience. After graduation, should I work for a couple years in the ICU and then apply directly to the university as a civilian? Or should I try to commission and work as a Navy nurse in order to gain experience? My only worry with commissioning first is that I might not be guaranteed to work in critical care. A friend of mine joined the navy and was placed in Mother-baby for a few years and I don't want this to slow down my goals. However, I might have a better chance of being accepted to the university as a member of the military. What are your thoughts? Thank you! Noah