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Khalen Dietz

Khalen Dietz

previous Nurse student / Crisis Counselor for RWJB
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Khalen Dietz has 6 years experience and specializes in previous Nurse student / Crisis Counselor for RWJB.

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    New Jersey Hope and Healing

    Hi Everyone! My name is Khalen Dietz and I am with New Jersey's Hope and Healing Program, a Fema Grant through RWJBarnabas Institute for Prevention and Recovery. Currently we are offering free virtual connect together groups for all healthcare workers. We offer Monday morning coffee talk, Thursday's at 4pm Happy Hour, and Thursday's at 6:30 pm a wonderful Evening Stretch group. All of our virtual groups can be found at rwjbh.org/hopeandhealing. We also have a hope line at 833-795-4673. I hope you all have a great day! Khalen Dietz- Khalen.dietz@rwjbh.org