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  1. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    I submitted mine in late January
  2. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    Oh yea, it said in my letter that I got an academic scholarship, but mine said the amount and name of it (Regents). That’s interesting that yours doesn’t.
  3. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    Thanks! Yea, I applied for the Ho’oulu scholarship as well as the Alaka’ina Foundation Endowed Scholarship. They emailed me saying that I’ll hear back from them by April 1st. Did you apply also? No worries about not sharing your stats ?
  4. Chaminade Nursing 2021

  5. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    I just got accepted!! No, I haven’t applied to those schools
  6. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    Same here! I can’t wait to hear back. What are your stats like? I have a 3.89 GPA, 70+ hours of volunteer work, and 5 months experience as a caregiver.
  7. Chaminade Nursing 2021

    Has anyone gotten their letter of acceptance from Chaminade's Fall 2021 nursing program yet? I just wanted to start a forum for the fall of 2021 cohort because I haven't seen one pop up yet ?