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Alexander Rotolo has 5 years experience and specializes in AGPCNP-BC.

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    APRN Consensus is Complicating Things

    Just checked it out. Thank you! It seems to be what I'm looking for. I love going to conferences etc. but would prefer not to go back to school. I have spent five years in critical care and will be pretty much going through a fellowship soon. This is more for "street cred" and to make the ANCC happy.
  2. Alexander Rotolo

    APRN Consensus is Complicating Things

    which online program did you decide to go with?
  3. Alexander Rotolo

    APRN Consensus is Complicating Things

    I am from New York State. My state license and scope seem quite different than the accrediting body (ANCC). I have worked in the ICU for several years. I decided to go back to school to find out there are zero acute care programs in my area. That said, the only two options in my area were AGPCNP and FNP. The state-issued license recognizes the major specialty areas as Acute, Adult and FNP. I choose the AGPCNP route. An intensive care group hired me with a rigorous training process. In my area, all hospitals allow AGNP, FNP and ACNP to practice in acute care, including intensive care. Below I have outlined the "scope of practice" according to the state. Nurse Practitioner (Acute Care): diagnoses, treats and manages the care of acutely ill patients in a variety of hospital and ambulatory care settings. Nurse Practitioner (Adult Health): diagnoses, treats, and manages adults' care (young adults from about age 18 to the very elderly). Adult nurse practitioners may provide primary care or acute care; they may address acute or chronic health problems or provide preventive or supportive care. According to the ANCC, you need 1000 practice hours related to your "certification population focus." My question is, when I recertify will I be able to use my clinical hours? I plan on getting a post-masters in acute care at some point but if it is not within the next five years, am I screwed for renewal? Let me know if anyone is in a similar situation.